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Obituary for Wyatt Paul "Lumpy" Seiler

Wyatt Paul Seiler, age 22 of Walkersville, Md., Died October 2, 2023, at University of MD (Shock Trauma). Wyatt Paul Seiler was born October 5, 2000, in Westminster, Md.

Predeceased by: Mom Mom & Pop Pop, Yaya & Papou, Grandad Charlie, Mom Mom

He has a huge, huge family that he is still loving every day from heaven. His parents are:
Ryan Paul Seiler (Dad) & Nicole Seiler (amazing bonus mom)
Danielle Nicole Seiler (Mom) & Brandon Bard (coolest bonus dad)

He has some of the coolest and amazing siblings: Colin Paul Seiler (18 years), Jared Paul Seiler (16 years), Ryker Paul Seiler (8 years), Amya Nicole Bard (9 years), Nevaeh Rose Bard (5 years), Landon Tate Bard (22 months), and Tristan West (bonus bro)

His grandparents are not lacking:

Connie Bauer (Mi-Mi) & Barry Zimmerman (Fud)
John Seiler (Poppy) & Shirley Norris
Bob Schwartz (Pop Pop) & Kathy Holmes
Missy Schwartz (Mom Mom)
Timothy Warrington (Poppy) & Marion VanSant
Byron & Roz Johnson
Carolyn White (Great Grandma)
Bill Conover (Grandad)

The fun Uncle’s & Aunt’s:
Dawn & Dave Gurecki
Jerimi Schwartz & Shelly
Jessica & Beau Hicks
Kayce & Matt Heister
Theron Johnson
Dyron Johnson

Amazing Cousin Lineup:
Natalie Adamez
Sammy Fisher
Breanna Hicks
Kira McCracken, Kiley & Kaylin Heister, and Brandon Hitt

There are so many other amazing family members beyond this that love him, and he loved that we would need 20 pages to honor them and list them all. We love and appreciate everyone who has contributed to just how unbelievably amazing Wyatt is.

Wyatt Paul Seiler was born October 5, 2000, in Westminster, MD to Ryan Paul Seiler and Danielle Nicole Seiler. Wyatt has been a determined and incredibly happy human since the day he was born. So many words of affirmation have described him from his entire family and friends and people who may not have even known him but know of him. Wyatt is thoughtful, kind, giving, loving, selfless, determined, strong and amazingly handsome. Wyatt always created time for family and especially his siblings. He made each and every sibling feel special and important no matter how small or big they are. He showered his family and friends with love, respect, and a joyful time. He went out of his way to make people laugh with his shenanigans and then would bust out in the best laugh and the biggest and most contagious smile. He loved just to make people happy and he was always up for an adventure no matter the day or time….but if he wasn’t pulling some prank or trying to create something simple into something amazing, you would find him asleep by 9:30pm (how else would he be so handsome, lol). Everything to Wyatt needed to be bigger and better. He was quite the adrenaline junky. Some of the few daily activities for him included but not limited to: Remote control boats and planes, Camping, go carting, racing, horse racing, going to the casino, dirt bikes, boating, jet skiing, wake surfing, traveling, cruising, snowmobiling, you name it and he did it or had it on the list. He was looked up to by his brothers and sisters and he wore that hat with pride and succeeded at just 22. He was the owner and founder of Seiler Ridge Construction Services which he started just out of high school and bought his first dump truck. He expanded and grew his business and was a proud owner of his pride and joy Peterbilt. He accomplished more in his 22 years than most can in their lifetime bc he not only had business success, but he just found the quality in life naturally. His heart was pure and honest 100%

“Send it”
“Everything bigger and better”
“Why not”
“Go big or go home”